It cannot be denied that hair care is one of the most essential part in our daily lives. A smooth, shiny glossy hair is what any woman is aiming for. With the current diversified shampoo market, shampoo is not only used to purify dandruff, exfoliate but also with an aim to nourish and recover damaged. In particular, Mane n tail shampoo is considered a product with many plus points and benefit as well. What is Mane n tail shampoo? How to choose the right shampoo for each hair so that the hair is always smooth? Is Mane and tail good for your hair? Where to buy this kind of shampoo? Is it affordable?, … all will be revealed in this article. So keep reading till the end of the article.

Is mane and tail good for your hair

Mane n tail products (Source: Internet)


Some information about Mane n Tail Company 

Mane n tail is a subsidiary of Straight Arrow Inc .. The company was founded in 1798 by Phillip and Bonnie Katzev, two horse enthusiasts who want a lighter bath product for their horses. They developed Mane n Tail and the results were quickly noticed by colleagues and other horse enthusiasts. Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner was originally intended to be used in equestrian centers, but this is not the way they can stand long in the market. As soon as they realized their product maintained more brilliant and healthy results on themselves, they used this to have a whole new customer segment. This thing raised the question of “Is mane and tail good for your hair”.  Mane tail quickly developed new product lines, all of which yielded the same good results as the original horse product line, which allowed the company to expand and develop many new markets. Mane n tail is a family company, and so far it is being run by the second generation. They continue to produce their own products with strict quality principles to satisfy customers of both horses and human customers.

Advantages of Mane n Tail Shampoo that you can get 

  • Provides nutrition for shiny, soft and soft hair
  • Helps healthy hair against sun and wind
  • Can be used for all hair types.
  • Products that help smooth hair.
  • Helps make hair strong, strong, reduce breakage, dryness, fibers, split ends.
  • Provides nutrition for shiny, silky, soft hair.
  • Treat dandruff for scalp.
  • Can be used for all hair types.
  • With herbal aroma, gentle but long-lasting.
  • Use in combination with conditioner with the same set for optimum results.

How Mane n Tail Product Works

is mane and tail good for your hair

Is mane and tail good for your hair? (Source: Internet)

Mane and Tail can work at its best when being used the shampoo and conditioner regularly. This helps to nourish and condition the hair as well as scalp. This product will maintain the healthy and smooth hair by cleaning and treating deep down to the scalp as known as where new hair starts to grow. In addition, Mane and Tail products can be used for all kinds of hair, such as relaxed hair, chemically damaged hair as well as permed hair.

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Key Ingredients and Benefits of Mane and Tail products

The main ingredients of the formulas in Mane and Tail shampoos is combination of protein-enriched ingredients to make hair more durable and soft. Also, to give proofs for the  question of Is mane and tail good for your hair?, the shampoo include moisturizers and emollients which can improve the shine and manageability of hair after each wash. Mane and Tail hair growth conditioners, are produced with different natural essential oils that empower and nourish but also moisturizing hair which is dry or badly damaged by chemicals. After using these products, the end result for the hair will be the softness, manageability, and a lot stronger over time.

Reviews about Mane n Tail products

So is mane and tail good for your hair? Does these product really work for hair growth? If the testimonials on the Mane N Tail website are any indication, the answer is quite refering to the YES! MAny customer wrote that, after the first time they tried the product, “my hair has grown so much, I can now even have beautiful baby hairs!!” or “This is pretty good stuff. Don’t need a whole lot, But my hair looks super shiny when its done and blow dried.”

Another customer described her hair as “I am biracial and have thin, breakable, relaxed/curly hair. So, yeah. It’s not easy to find products that work for me” but after using Mane n Tail for a while, she started to feel that “this detangler is good. I have noticed a lot less breakage when I comb.” 

On the other hand, many customers also say that the shampoo makes their hair “rough to the touch” and also, their hair end gets drier. 

Another customer is totally impressed by this shampoo brand. She said: My hair has fallen and been dried for almost 2 years. So I started to find and try some anti- hair loss shampoos, but I still don’t see the benefit they brought and they make my hair even more dry. How lucky I was when my friend recommended this Mane and Tail products. In fact, I have known this brand for a long time but I was not impressed too much. My friend said that using this shampoo will make the hair smooth and reduce hair loss with very pleasant smell, so I bought one and try. And now it is my savior, after about 2 weeks of use, my hair is now very smooth and my hair falls just a little bit. Perhaps because smooth hair does not dry out, it limits hair loss. My favorite point about Mane and tail shampoo is that after rinsing with water, my hair smells so good, ( I have not seen in any shampoo before). And I decided to stick with this product for a long time

In general, the reviews and comments for the Mane and Tail products are also mixed. It gets review points between 3 and 5 points at some consumer review sites. Many customers say that “i love mane and tail it makes my hair grow very fast”, “but it was very expensive”. However,many other women can get a much more positive experience when they compliment the smell of the product “The scent is wonderful” and “I use this together with the conditioner and my hair looks shiny and healthy”