His passion for hair color and new technologies led She to Jamm beauty where she has the opportunity to constantly improve his knowledge. All his life, she was running away from hair and here, she is back in the game.

What does Jamm love doing when she is not working?

While Jamm is AFK, she loves to listen to his favorite balat bands, read the language novels and to experiment with her home made server. She also likes to spend quality time with his kids by visiting different landmarks with them and playing fun games.

What does Jamm say about his experience at Jamm beauty?

“When I first started at Jamm beauty, I knew that this will be pretty challenging and I liked it a lot because I love challenges. Now, I am happy with the opportunities to learn new things every day and to help alongside to the great fun with colleagues.”

Jamm Beauty story

Jamm Beauty ran its first test in the US in May 2015 and took a year to find the way it is today. The Jamm founders believe that beauty workers are very dedicated, skillful in the fields of barbering, manicure, massage … If there is a reasonable and accurate guide, Jamm beauty can help strengths. This is done with wings, bringing great service to customers, creating a better environment for workers. Accordingly, businesses also have the ability to develop sustainably anywhere in the world




Honesty is thought-speaking-doing the same, in contrast to being honest. Money fraud, time fraud, information fraud … are prohibited behaviors in Jamm. Jamm will use all capabilities and resources to properly detect and punish all acts of fraud, including law enforcement.

HAM LEARNING is not hesitate, use your own time and effort to learn any issues that you are still wondering, unknown. The inquisitive also helps us never fall behind compared to the continuous development of society.

MIND is always willing to devote all of their energy and enthusiasm to performing tasks, solving problems to achieve good results. Dedication to customers, devotion to colleagues, friends, family … will make us achieve more than satisfaction, appreciation in work and life.

RESPONSIBILITY is to look at the root cause of the problem from myself, from which offer solutions to change the results for the better. Accepting responsibility is not responsible. The spirit of taking responsibility will help minimize conflicts, conflicts, build a strong collective and move towards initiative and improvement to change jobs and better life.